Tim Knight - Photography


Ripples on a China Clay Pit
Melting ice Rough Tor

Gurnard's Head

Portheras Cove

Emerging Sand Bank, Strangles Beach 

Reflections, Plymouth Harbour

Ripples, Tregardock Beach 

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Retreating Wave, Strangles Beach 

 Stream, Dizzard Point

Tregardock Beach

Thawing Ice Silsbury Hill 

 The stream to Pendour Cove

Equinox Tide, Tregardock Beach 

Candle wax

Kynance Cove

Bubbles on a stream

Receding Tide Padstow Doom Bar 

 Reflections from the cliffs, Tregardock Beach

Cardinham Water 

De Lank River
Moorland Stream

Rock Pool, Tregardock Beach 

 Blowhole, Kynance Cove