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 The Mermaid of Zennor and other Mer Folk

 Bench end. St Senara's Church, Zennor.

Pendour Cove- where the mermaid who enticed Matty Trewhella lived
Pendour Cove
Pendour Cove
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A story that I never finished inspired after being left broken hearted by my very own Siren.

Padstow Doom Bar  in legend cast up as revenge by a dying mermaid.

Loch Morar is said to be the home of a mermaid like figure whose appearance is a sign that one of the local families will lose someone to drowning. She is described in a text dating to the Nineteenth Century as "Like the other water deities she is half human and half fish.The lower part of her body is in the form of a grilse and the upper in the form of a small woman of highly developed breasts with long flowing yellow hair falling down her snow white back and breast"
Merman Worthing

Breage Church 


The stream to Pendour Cove that the mermaid took as she returned to the sea .