Tim Knight - Photography

Rivers, Streams, Lakes  and Pools

 A pond I fished, fifty yards across,
Whose lilies and muscular tench
Had outlasted every visible stone
Of the monastery that planted them-

Stilled legendary depth:
It was as deep as England. It held
Pike too immense to stir, so immense and old
That past nightfall I dared not cast

Ted Hughes

Golitha Falls

Dozmary Pool

Quarry Pool Temple
Camel Estuary Porthilly Beach

Trebartha Falls

Rocky Valley
The River Lerryn
Tresillian River
East Lyn River

Rocky Valley 

River Lerryn

Tregargus Woods

Trebartha Falls

Cardinham Water 

River Amble
Rocky Valley

The Waterfall Tregardock 

River Bedalder

River Avon

River Gannel 

Moorland Steam, Garrow Tor 

Cardinham Water 

 De Lank River

The Devil's Jump

River Lynher

Stream, Ogo - Dour Cove 

Breney Common
Stream through a Pine Plantation Garrow Tor
Treveigan Woods

 River Henon

West Looe River

 Dizzard Point

River Bedalder

De Lank River 

Stream to Pendour Cove 

 Gibbs Brook,Surrey

Mud Flats  Cotehele Quay

Flooding, The River Henon 

Waterfall, Tregardock