Tim Knight - Photography

 Secret Landscapes

 Definition of Serendipity

The Occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way .

Rocky Valley 

Highgate Cemetery 

 Beach Huts

Exhibitor New York's 

Agora Gallery 

Exhibitor Bologna's 

Trevisan Gallery 

Contributor Getty Images 

Blisland Church 

Strangles Beach 

 Peter Pan's Shadow?

Faces in the Rocks Tregardock Beach

 Stannon Stone Circle

 Cliffs, Porthcurno

 New Palace Theatre

Cardinham Water 

Plymouth Harbour

Tilburstow Hill


Queen of the Night Tulip, My Garden 

 Hardstone Woods

Flag Counter

 Davidstow Aerodrome

 Silhouette, Strangles Beach

 The Women within the rocks

 The Museum that Never Was

 De Lank River

 Tower Block, Chelsea, New York

Millook Haven 

 Henry Moore Statue, London

 River Henon

 Study of a Single Leaf

Crystal Palace Dinosaur

Sky above Rusey Beach 

 Stream and Shadow

 Garrow Farm

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Self Portrait 

Retreating Wave, Strangles Beach