Tim Knight - Photography

 Secret Landscapes

The cliffs above Strangles Beach
Garrow Farm

 Definition of Serendipity

The Occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way .

Wood Anemone
Lutheran Cathedral Helsinki
The Wood between the Worlds
Trereen Dinas

Davidstow Aerodrome

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 The Women within the rocks Tregardock Beach"Lorelei"

Portheras Cove
Porthilly Beach

 River Henon


 Beach Huts

Strangles Beach 

Detail Harmonia Statue by Achim Kuhn River Aura Turku

Self Portrait 

Incoming storm Bodmin Moor
Wheal Whisper Warleggan
Raglan Barracks


New York's 

Agora Gallery 

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Trevisan Gallery 


Morvah's Schoolhouse Gallery

Featured Artist Cornwall Life February 2016 issue 

Contributor Radio 4's 'Four Seasons' web page

One of the winners of the Alverton Gallery's Month of May Photography Exhibition.

Helman Tor

Golitha Falls
Stipple Stones
Burning Magnesium

 New Palace Theatre

Cardinham Water 

Plymouth Hoe


Poppy, wild flower garden 


 Stream and Shadow

Retreating Wave, Strangles Beach 


 Levant Mine Pendeen

Waterfall Tregardock Beach

Blisland Church 

Seal Pup

 Tenement New York

Iguanaodon Crystal Palace

Wild Garlic

 Padstow Doom Bar

German Gas Mask Bovington Tank Museum 

 Study of a Single Leaf

Millook Haven 

 Davidstow Aerodrome

 Cliffs, Porthcurno