Tim Knight - Photography

The Day Job
Copper Oxide being reduced by Carbon
Copper Sulphate crystals forming
Copper Sulphate Crystals forming on a beaker
Flame from a spirit burner
Oxides on Copper
Acoustic Mirror Dungerness
Condensing Water
Spectrum produced by a prism in my lab
Vertebrae of a Whale
Last day at Brannel School - redundancy looms
A very wet day on Kinder Scout and a very young me!
Made for me by my form when I left Mundella Community College.
The Magic Puppet Theatre.docx The Magic Puppet Theatre.docx
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Siddhartha.docx Siddhartha.docx
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Leading a climb up Kinder Scout with pupils from Mundella Community College.
Richard and my 11 Set 1 Brannel School
A still from a video that my photography students at Brannel School made me.
Probably libellous ......
The Whole Truth.docx The Whole Truth.docx
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Fresnel Lens in a lighthouse
Combustion of Magnesium
Salt Crystals on an Evaporating Dish
Salt Crystals forming on an Evaporating Dish
Elemental Copper formed in a test tube
Infrared Absorption Experiment
Magnesium reacting with Copper Sulphate Solution
Copper Sulphate Solution after an Iron nail has been placed in it.
Aluminium Block lit by a Bunsen
Distillation Tower Isle of Jura
Lava Lamp
Red hot Iron Nail
Iron filings in a magnetic field
Flame Testing Copper Nitrate
Melting Wax
Glass in a drying rack
Copper Oxide being reduced by Magnesium turnings
The View from my Classroom
Precipitate of Copper Hydroxide
A fossil Plesiosaur Flipper from The Natural History Museum