Tim Knight - Photography

Loch Ness
The ruins of Boleskine House
The River Fowers
Monument to a beheading Loch Oich
Waterfall Loch Arkraig
The Fall of Foyers
The Fall of Foyers
Rock eroded by a waterfall at Loch Arkraig
The Shore of Loch Ness
Carved Bear in a hotel in Tain
Carved bear in a hotel in Tain
Chapel Pothmahomack
Pictish Queen at Fearn
Monument Fearn
Faraig Forest
Faraig Forest
Sadly, as close as I am ever likely to get to a Scottish Wild Cat ...
Grasses Loch Tarff
Clava Cairns
Clava Cairns
Clava Cairns
Boleskine Graveyard
Caledonian Canal