Tim Knight - Photography

Mawnan Smith
Maenporth Beach
The woods below Mawnan Smith Church, the lair- very much allegedly of the OwlMan
In the Nineteen Twenties two boys from Mawnan Smith claimed to have been chased by a large and ferocious bird. the news came to the Surrealist artists Max Ernst and Leonora Carrington who began to include bird human hybrids within their art. Many years later two girls where said to have spotted an Owlman in the woods below the church. This information was passed to a local prankster called Tony 'Doc' Shields who had also claimed to see the Cornish Sea Monster Morgawr in the same vicinity. I invite readers to make up their own minds....
Barnacles and Limpets
Maenporth Beach
White organ pipes
The wood below Mawnan Smith Church
Reed beds River Helford
Lichen covered gravestones
The River Helford - home to Morgawr ....
Rock Samphire
Rock Samphire