Tim Knight - Photography

The Moors 

Kilmar Tor

Helman Tor

The Beast from the East
Fox Tor

Butter's Tor

Colvannick Tor

Rough Tor 

Cotton Grass Bray Down

Stipple Stones

Golitha Falls
Nine Stones Stone Circle

Alex Tor

Arse Rocks Luxulyan
Bronze Age Hut Circle Rough Tor
Woodland near St Breward

Rough Tor

Brown Willy

Dozmary Pool

Garrow Farm

Hawk's Tor Temple

The Cheesewring
De Lank River

Carey Tor

Hail Storm above Bodmin Moor 

Sky above Hawk's Tor Temple

Brown Willy from Garrow Tor 

Winter Dawn, Helman Tor 

 Dozmary Pool

Garrow Farm 

Rough Tor, Winter sunset 

 Norman Font, Altarnun Church

 The Red Moor

River Lynher

 The River Henon

Moorland pool
Helman Tor

 Wistman's Wood Dartmoor

The Hurlers, The Longest Day 

Marshes Bodmin Moor
Marshes Brockabarrow Common Bodmin Moor

The Red Moor, Helman Tor 

Davidstow Aerodrome

Farmland, Bodmin Moor 

 Quarry Pool, Wheal Whisper

The Trippett Stones, Temple 

 Davidstow Rocks

Showery Tor