Tim Knight - Photography

 2014 - A Selection of some of My Favourite Photographs from this Year

The River Henon

 January 2014

 New Palace Theatre, Union Street, Plymouth.

January 2014

 Stannon Stone Circle.

March 2014

 Waterfall, Tregardock Beach.

February 2014

 Stream and Shadow.

March 2014

 Disused Greenhouses, St. Stephen.

April 2014

Serpentine, Kynance Cove

March 2014

Strangles Beach

July 2014

 Davidstow Aerodrome

April 2014

 Cornish Hedgerow

June 2014

 Plymouth Harbour

August 2014

 Tregardock Beach

September 2014

 Tregardock Beach

September 2014

New York - November 2014

 Tenement Chelsea

 Central Library

 The High Line, Chelsea

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Tower Block, Chelsea

Time Square

London - October 2014

 Pan's Shadow

Statue, Tate Gallery

Crystal Palace Dinosaurs

Tilburstow Hill

October 2014

 Henry Moore Statue, The Embankment

Green Park