Tim Knight - Photography

February 2020
Loch Tarbert Isle of Jura
Gathering hail storm - Isle of Jura
Standing Stone Tarbert
Hail storm Loch Tarbert
The South Coast of Jura
Seaweed and shells on the beach at Craighouse Jura
Seaweed at Loch Tarbert
The South Coast of Jura and the ruins of Claig Castle
Looking towards Islay from Jura
Dunyvaig Castle
The ruins of Kildalton Church
Tree roots on a beach at Islay
The interior of the Round Church at Bowmore
Ancient Cross Kildalton Church
Lichens growing on trees beside a beach at Islay
A Bible at the Round Church Bowmore
Dizzard Point
Dwarf Oak - Dizzard Point
Site of Special Scientific Interest - Dwarf Oak woodland Dizzard Point
Stream Dizzard Point
Frog Spawn in my pond
A visitor to my garden!
Cornish Pastie
Bottoms Up!
Crocus from my garden
Tulle Fabric