Tim Knight - Photography

Bovington Tank Museum
Detail of a Tiger 2 Tank
Max Hasting's, in his  excellent book Overlord quotes from a conversation with a British Tank Officer,
"What do the Germans have most of?"
"Panthers. The Panther can slice through a Churchill like butter from a mile away."
"And how does a Churchill get a Panther?"
"It creeps up on it. When it reaches close quarters the gunner tries to bounce a shot off the underside of the Panther's gun mantlet. If he's lucky, it goes through apiece of armour above the driver's head."
"Has anyone ever done it?"
"Yes. Davis in C Squadron. He's back with headquarters now trying to recover his nerve."
How does a Churchill get a Tiger?"
"It's supposed to get within two hundred yards and put a shot through the periscope."
"Has anyone ever done it?"
Detail of a First World War Mark 4 British Tank
German Gas Mask
Detail of a Tiger 2 Tank Track
Shell penetrating armour

Although not at Bovington, this is a Sherman Tank, lost during Exercise Tiger and recovered from the sea at Slapton Ley Devon,